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Submit Articles and Creative Content to A Better Dog 4U ...

A Better Dog 4U would love to include your articles and any other creative content you own on our site.

Our goal is to provide our visitors with accurate and informative information so that they can train and learn to treat their dog correctly. 

We are always looking for content and we would like to encourage anyone with a background in dog care and dog training to submit articles and other content. We also except poems and stories by any dog lovers who would like others to read it.

Please read the follow terms and conditions and make sure you understand the agreement before you submit any content to us.

Author Terms of Service

  1. You agree that you are the original author of each article or item of creative content that you submit. If you refer to any other author or published item, you must include that information with your submission when you submit it.
  2. There is no guarantee that any article submitted will be accepted for publication on our site. It is the sole discretion of the "A Better Dog 4U" editorial staff as to whether or not to include your article. If it is published, we reserve the right to remove it at any time.
  3. We reserve the right to choose where it will appear on our site. 
  4. By submitting your articles to "A Better Dog 4U", you agree to allow us:
    • To publish your article and make it available for viewing to our members and/or visitors at our sole discretion.
    • To publish your article in our daily, or weekly newsletters.
  5. You agree that "A Better Dog 4U" is a free service for authors and publishers. You will not be paid for submitting your article. You will not be paid if and when your articles are published. You will receive all credit for your work and your byline will be left in place at all times.
  6. You agree to not include any affiliate links in the body of your article. If you are trying to promote an affiliate program, please set up your own domain and link to it from your website. All links within your article text must link ONLY to your domain. If they leave your site, the link will be removed. 
  7. "A Better Dog 4U" reserves the right to include advertising on pages with your articles.
  8. "A Better Dog 4U"  will not change, edit, or reword any part of any article written by you.


  1. All articles must be original articles developed and written by you.
  2. Do not include any affiliate program links.
  3. Submit the same article more than once will be considered to be spamming. Multiple submissions of the same article will result in the author being suspended should we consider them to be abusing the system.
  4. You may include hyperlinks within an article as long as they link to a domain that is owned by you and links to the same or a related subject about dogs. (all text links must have the 'nofollow' tag).
  5. You may include a hyperlink  to your Author Bio as a byline at the top or bottom of your article. (Your text link must have the 'nofollow' tag).
  6. All contact information should appear only in the authorís bio ad not within the article.
  7. Every article must include a brief summary (up to 500 characters). The purpose of the article summary is to give the reader a quick overview of your article. HTML tags are not allowed within the summary. 
  8. Please select up to 5 highly relevant keywords or a keyword phrase that can be used to place your article on a search engine. (Separate words by a comma.)
  9. Articles that are advertisements, or appear to be advertisements, will be considered spam and will not be approved for publication.

SEND YOUR ARTICLES, poems, or other entertainment based content ... Please fill out the form below completely. If any fields are left blank we may not be able to post it.


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