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What do you mean by "Bonding With Your Dog"?

Bonding with your dog means becoming best friends!

If you expect your dog to be a loving, obedient companion, creating a solid bond with it is the single most important thing you will ever do. 

A strong bond is the key to enjoying the company of your dog, and your dog wanting to be with you. It is also a must if you plan to get anywhere with your training plans. After all, if the dog likes you, it will want to do the things you ask of it.

As it is with humans, bonding is the way you create and maintain an open line of communication between you and your dog. The more effectively you communicate with your dog, the faster you will both learn to please each other and the stronger your bonds will become. 

Dogs study us closely and pick up little signals from us all of the time. They read our body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and physical movements. They also read our emotions, feelings and our energy. Bonding allows a human to communicate with a dog without even using words. Like your dog we can use our body posturing, movements, facial expressions, and even eye movements with great success. 

Test your bond sometime. Try to go through a full day without using words to talk to your dog. If you can't do it, your bond is not strong enough yet!

It is important that the communication goes both ways! You need to spend as much time as you can learning to understand your dog’s language. If you don’t learn your dog’s language, it will make your relationship much more difficult and you will not understand what or why your dog is doing some of the things it does. This is one of the biggest reasons that dogs are taken to, or return to, a shelter or a rescue organization.

Listen to your dog. You don't always have to initiate the "conversation" or ask the dog to do something for you. Allow your dog tell you what it wants to do, then go do it. Contrary to some “old fashion” dog trainers, this does NOT make you a weak leader. It makes you a respected one! 

Your dog initiates conversations with you all the time. Don't ignore it or stifle it, learn to recognize it and respond to it. Allow your dog to start some activities. Most often a dog will do this with it’s body language. Example: My dogs will bring me a toy and ask me to play by putting it in my lap or dropping it on the floor in front of me. They also ask to go outside, go for walks or sometimes they lay in front of me to get me to come down on the floor to wrestle, play or cuddle. They also (when I get busy) “remind” me that it’s their supper time. 

Acknowledging your dog's communications will demonstrate to your dog that you understand what it's "saying" to you. When you do this, your dog will not only talk to you, it well listen to you more closely. You will be sharing a common language. 

Click this link to learn step-by-step how to bond with your new dog.

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