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Bringing Your New Puppy Home
"Are you Sure Your Are Ready?

Ok, youíve done your homework and you have picked the perfect puppy for you and your family. He fits your lifestyle and will fit into your family perfectly. Thatís Great!!!

So whatís next?

Before your puppy comes home, you will need to make sure that you have all of the things you will need. Providing  everything your dog needs and giving it proper care will insure that he will live a healthy and happy life.

Because youíve done all of your homework, you probably have everything you will need to raise your new puppy. But if you are like me, you may also need to pick up a few last-minute items that are on your list.

Here is a list of the Essential Items you will need to have on hand when your puppy comes home.

- A Sturdy Collar with a leash ring
- A 3-6 foot Walking Leash with a strong clasp
- High Quality Dog Food
- Food and Water Dishes
- Plenty of Indestructible Chew Toys
- A Training Mat or Rug
- Dog Bedding
- A Dog Crate
- Grooming Tools suited to your dogís breed
- Grooming Supplies (Shampoo etc)
- Towels
- A Name Tag or ID Chip
- Cleaning Supplies

Ok, now that you have everything on hand, lets make sure your house and yard are safe for your new puppy.

Inside to House:
Pick up shoes and any other items you may have always left lying around on the floor. Also remove all small items from the floor and from the puppyís level so the items canít be taken or chewed on. Also make sure you cover or protect television and computer cables, power cords, electrical sockets and power strips so the puppy canít chew on them. Lastly, make sure that you donít have anything hanging off of tables, chairs, counters or door handles. These things can look like toys to a puppy.

Outside in the Yard:
Make sure you pick up
garden hoses, tools, debris, and any toys that might be lying around. Remove anything your puppy can fall on or put in his mouth, and put it somewhere safe and out of the way. If you have a pool or pond, or any other hazardous areas, make sure to block all access to these areas. Also fence or block off any area that you don't want your puppy to be in. Make sure he can't squeeze through anywhere.

Make sure that all chemicals, pesticides and other potentially poisonous items are well out of reach. This includes lawn fertilizers, insecticides, and paint products. It also includes all automotive chemicals, fuel, oil and anti-freeze. Less than one ounce of these items can kill a puppy in a very short time. 

If you have a fenced in yard, check the fence line for escape routes. Although you will never leave your puppy alone in the yard, make sure that there is nowhere for your puppy to squeeze through or under. Check for gaps around gates and posts to make sure your puppy can't get his head stuck in them. 

OK, NOW we can bring the puppy home!!! (Your Puppy's First Days with You)

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